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About Frances King

  1. Frances King School of English in London is the ideal place to improve your English for personal or professional or academic reasons.
  2. Over 35 years' experience, the seriousness of our English courses and the fun way our experienced teachers are teaching English have earned us a reputation which annually attracts more than 4,000 students from over 80 countries.
  3. We have a wide choice of English courses to suit individual needs with flexible course starting dates throughout the year. Most courses start every Monday. You can improve your Business English in various fields such as finance, law and marketing. You can opt for General English courses or focus on intensive courses for exams such as TOEIC,TOEFL, Cambridge Exams or IELTS.
  4. We have advanced technologies such as interactive whiteboards and online learning tools, and WiFi in all our buildings to offer the latest tools to our students.
  5. We offer a wide choice of student accommodation in flatshares or residences and a network of over 500 host families all located within easy travelling distance of our schools. We also run a programme of activities for our students with daily outings and visits to the city’s main attractions (museums, concerts, restaurants, parties ...) and also travel throughout England during the weekends.